Orbit Electromech India Private Limited is one of the major Manufacturers of above mentioned category of item sin our region. Company stands a great reputation for its quality material and timely delivery at reasonably priced products. With pure dedication and hard work from its promoters, strengthen the company to enhance their position in the market. With the experience of more than two decades and grasping of new and updated technology, the company gets a boost for the great height in competitive market. Our motto “Growth is Life” aptly captures the ever evolving spirit of Orbit. We are glad to introduce our self as one of the Leading manufacturer of Engineering goods with specialized Fabrication, Machining as well as Customized Rolls and Drums and Plastic Injection Molding Parts.


The Orbit Electromech India Private Limited shall always abide by its motto “Growth is Life” by providing efficient products based on latest and Innovative technology ensuring best services to its customers.Orbit shall follow best ethical practices with upgradations, to improve itself and to continue strengthening the bond of trust with all its stakeholders. Orbit shall nurture an environment based on values of empathy, Integrity and empowerment for its employees.


To emerge as the most capable system partner by providing cutting edge electrical systems and innovative solutions. Maintain beneficial supplier partnerships to ensure that our needs and expectations for training products and services are met. Maintain a participatory work ethic, rely on the innate excellence of our staff and provide a training culture in which they excel. Maintain a passion for continuous improvement and continuously improve processes and training related services.

Presently, our manufacturing units are located in Aurangabad-Maharashtra, Halol -Gujarat,  Alindra-Vadodara and Bangalore-Karnataka. Our Focus will be started from conceptualization of requirements up to execution of the same. We are also under going for technical up gradation of our skills on regular basis to comply with the requirements in the field of engineering.

We are also engaged as contract manufacturers in various areas. We are also equipped with modern techniques of measurement, quality assurance,skilled manpower and qualified staff to utilize modern technique sin manufacturing,management and marketing for customer services and support.

Under our roof we are executing work into various categories of jobs which are described as follows:

1. Fabrication: We are executing fabrication work which includes each and every type of fabrication like Structure fabrication, Enclosure fabrication, Specialized sheet metal fabrication etc. It starts with detailing of engineering drawing, Procurement of necessary materials and fabrication with compliance of steps ensuring world class quality of goods.

2. Machined component: We are well equipped with ultra modern machining facilities along with skilled manpower to manufacture machined components as per requirement. Also we are able to compensate high quantum to comply with trade requirements.

3. Electric: We are executing wiring and wire harness work with customer panels, we are manufacturing MCB & RTCC panels

4. Plastic injection Molding parts and moulds: We are able to deliver Engineering and Commercial plastic parts as per the requirement of the customers. We can also manufacture moulds and if required then Plastic parts also.

5. Specified rolls: We are able to manufacture and deliver rolls of every kind like chilled rubber rollers, rubberized rollers, Chrome plated rollers, Mirror finished rollers etc.This category of rollers generally used for various segments like Textiles mills, Paper industries etc.



Started Aurangabad Plant

In the year 2010, Aurangabad plant was set up to supply MCB assembling and later in 2013 company was incorporated as Orbit Electromech India Private Limited.

Alindra Plant

With new setups in the year 2013. Company again came up with a new plant at Alindra to enhance the business by supplying tractions and auxillary panels.

Started Manjusar Plant

Manjusar plant was started in the year 2015 to enhance the business in the western region and to make join more satisfactory customers

Started Halol Plant

Halol plant was setup in the year 2017 with all the required machinery for different products which are being manufactured in our company.

Started Banglore Plant

With all small steps we grew towards growth and established our new plant in Bangalore and have faith to create more satisfactory customers.